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Window Seat World is for anyone interested in socially conscious travel and healthy lifestyles. You’ll find entertaining perspectives on the world’s people and places, and ideas on reducing our environmental impact abroad and at home. We explore the world while examining how travelers can positively affect themselves and the cultures they visit.

Who We Are

For twenty-five years, we have lived and traveled along the Earth’s water cycle. During that time, we worked and played on and in British Columbia’s rainforests, glaciers, lakes, rivers and coastlines. We have also dived and surfed in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and drifted down the longest rivers in Asia, Africa and South America.

Fun and Games with Alex and Diane

Fun and Games with Alex and Diane

Meet Alex and Diane, a 50ish Canadian couple with no kids. Bitten by the travel bug on our honeymoon, we have been traveling around the world and exploring our own backyard since.

Everywhere we go, we are greeted with the beauty of the natural world and the charm of the world’s cultures. However, this beauty and charm are tempered with the impact of human consumption and waste that also greets us everywhere we go. It constantly reminds us of the fragility of our planet and the carelessness of its people.

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What We Found

The greatest effect of this carelessness is on its waterways. As a result, industrial effluent pollutes its rivers and lakes, while plastic litter poisons its oceans and aquatic life. At the same time, increasingly sophisticated and destructive fishing practices have collapsed many of the species in its seas. Similarly, the world’s carbon-fueled economies continue to warm the oceans, further damaging coral reefs and other marine environments. Meanwhile, governments commit to voluntary and non-binding emissions targets.

Beach Litter near La Paz, Mexico

Beach Litter near La Paz, Mexico

Because corrupt officials allow multinational corporations to exploit local populations and ecosystems, thriving rainforests are replaced with open-pit mines and palm-oil plantations, sustainable farming techniques with agribusiness, and traditional organic food sources with processed and packaged salt, sugar and fat.

But, it’s not all bad. The world still offers a great deal of fascination, intrigue, adventure and romance that can be discovered in a responsible and productive manner. With some effort, we can improve ourselves by traveling the world, while leaving the people and places we visit in a better condition than we found them. – Socially Conscious Travel Blog

Whether you are an avid traveler or an armchair explorer, a luxury tourist or a shoestring backpacker, within these pages you will find engaging stories, helpful hints and stunning imagery to inspire any traveler. Window Seat World is a socially conscious travel blog, divided into three main sections – Conservation, Travel and Perspective.

The Blog page is where you will find all our blog posts from all the sections and categories – from newest to oldest. The blog sidebars have links to tags we have used our posts, making it easier to find other articles with similar themes.

Marine Conservation

We prefer slow travel, and this is where you will find details and travelogues about the places we have visited. The section is separated into continents, and within each continent are the countries we have visited. Also, each country’s respective page contains information and stories for readers interested in traveling through the region.

At the top of each page is the country’s name and its name as spelled in the local language and alphabet, if applicable. Next are its flag and location within the continent. After that are facts about the country including its size, capital city, currency and symbol, main voltage and outlet type, what side of the road to drive on, population, average income, main language, and how to say “hello” and “thank you”.

At the bottom of each page are blog posts about our trips to the country. Lastly, the sidebar menu on the right has links to other countries on the continent, the gallery of the country’s continent, and shortcuts to other continents and main pages.


Here you will find advice for enjoyable, fulfilling, safe and responsible travel. Whether you’re looking for a decent hotel room or restaurant, trying to get from Point A to Point B, or wondering how to keep yourself and your valuables secure, these pages will offer handy tips and tricks to use when you’re on the road. You will also find stories about our experiences with various modes of transportation, styles of accommodation, culinary delights and other anecdotes.


Much like any ecosystem, our lives must be in balance to function properly. A balanced lifestyle includes healthy choices, expanding horizons, continued education and creative outlets. Ideally, we would do something for our mind, our body and our soul – every day.

This section offers narratives of our adventures and activities from around the world, and the arts and cultures to which we have been exposed. It also includes suggestions for improving overall health and fitness with exercise ideas, health tips, vegetarian and vegan recipes, and perspectives on the world and its people.

Tick Tock

Time is fleeting and the world gets smaller every day. Cultures are disappearing as quickly as ecosystems, but change is possible through our individual choices and actions. We invite you to explore our socially conscious travel blog, and join us in an effort to improve the condition of the planet and its marine environment, as we discover the world’s cultures, journey through its sites, navigate its confusion and meet its people.


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