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While we camped through the Yukon and Alaska on our honeymoon, we decided our life together would include plenty of adventure and romance. And what could be more adventurous and romantic than traveling around the world?  So, we knew right then and there we would do just that.

We are Alex and Diane from British Columbia, Canada. For twenty-five years, we have been exploring the world and meeting its people. Everywhere we go, we are greeted with the beauty of the natural world. Similarly, we are reminded of the fragility of our planet and its marine ecosystems. This has motivated us to adopt a lifestyle that respects the environment through responsible choices, both at home and abroad.

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Cycle Rickshaw in Agra, India

The world gets smaller every day, and its cultures disappear as quickly as its habitats. But, change is possible through our individual choices and actions. We invite you to explore our socially conscious travel lifestyle blog and join us in an effort to improve the condition of the people and places we visit.

At the same time, the world also offers a great deal of fascination, intrigue, adventure and romance that can be discovered in a responsible and productive manner. Whether you are an armchair explorer, a luxury tourist or a shoestring backpacker, Window Seat World is where you will find engaging stories, helpful hints and stunning imagery to inspire any traveler.

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Shall We Go, You And I, While We Can? - Slow Travel With No Time To Lose “We will leave this place an empty stone Or shining ball of blue we can call our home.” - Grateful Dead The Future’s Here, We Are It, We Are On Our Own We have been put on notice – and it isn’t the first time. In 1992, The Union of Concerned Scientists – a [...]

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