Flag of Peru



Peru, South America

Capital: Lima
Area: 1,285,216 km2
Currency: Sol (PEN – S/)
Voltage/Outlet: 220/A, B, C
Drive on: Right

Population: 31,826,018
Per Capita Income (USD): $13,501
Main Language: Spanish
Hello: Hola
Thank you: Gracias

Home to the world’s longest river and its highest navigable lake, if you can only visit one country in South America, this should be it. From the Atacama Desert to the Amazon rainforest to the architecture of Lima, Peru offers nearly everything to adventurous travelers. The isolation of Machu Picchu, the mystery of Nazca and the creatures of the jungle will captivate anyone’s imagination.

Inca Roads And The Gringo Trail – Hiking To Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu And The Inca Trail - Cusco For Christmas “I have come to take away from them their gold.” - Francisco Pizarro We leave Cuzco at dawn on the summer solstice, along the road that follows the Rio Urubamba to Ollaytaytambo. It is a bumpy and steep descent – too steep for our vehicle. The brakes are inadequate, so we must wait for a replacement bus, presumably with better brakes. A local boy sings a few traditional songs to entertain us, while we take the opportunity to become better acquainted [...]

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Welcome To The Jungle – Amazon Adventures On The Javari River

Welcome To The Jungle - Amazon Adventures On The Javari River “Let us keep the dance of rain our fathers kept and tread our dreams beneath the jungle sky." - Arna Bontemps River Boats and Border Crossings The flight from Chiclayo offers stunning views over the Andes, and a glimpse of the endless expanse of the Amazon Rainforest. Inaccessible by road, Iquitos is a large city set in the middle of the jungle. Apart from the laid-back atmosphere and the friendliness of the locals, the first thing we notice is the [...]

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