Flag of Ecuador


Ecuador, South America

Capital: Quito
Area: 283,560 km2
Currency: US Dollar (USD – $)
Voltage/Outlet: 110/A, B
Drive on: Right

Population: 16,144,000
Per Capita Income (USD): $24,797
Main Language: Spanish
Hello: Hola
Thank you: Gracias

Evolution might not have started here but, because of the country’s rich biodiversity, it is where it was first considered. Straddling its namesake, Ecuador is filled with colorful markets and colonial cities against the dramatic backdrop of the towering Andes, lush Amazon and distant Galapagos. It offers excitement and adventure from high in the mountains to deep in the jungle.

Lost In Latacunga – Exploring Central Ecuador

Central Ecuador - Latacunga, Quilotoa and Saquisili “Not all those who wander are lost." - J.R.R Tolkien We get off the bus and have no idea which way to go. Latacunga looks dirty and uninviting, and the first hotel we check is small and dark. However, once we get our bearings and into the town center, things change. We find a room at a nicer hotel among the cobblestone streets, and sit down for a couple of sandwiches at a bright restaurant around the corner. [...]

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