Flag of Mexico



Mexico, North America

Capital: Mexico City
Area: 1,972,550 km2
Currency: Peso (MXN – $)
Voltage/Outlet: 127/A, B
Drive on: Right

Population: 119,530,753
Per Capita Income (USD): $17,740
Main Language: Spanish
Hello: Hola
Thank you: Gracias

With vibrant reefs, palm-fringed beaches, cactus deserts, and the continent’s most populated city, there’s more here than tacos and tequila. The rich culture, friendly people, varied geography and endless activities make Mexico a one-stop shop for anyone looking for everything. Whether you’re planning a fiesta in the plaza, a siesta on the beach or a trek through the sierra, this is the place.

Hold Your Breath – Top Ten La Paz Snorkeling Sites

Top Ten La Paz Snorkeling Sites - Breathtakingly Beautiful “Le plus grand aquarium du monde.” - Jacques Yves Cousteau A quick internet search for La Paz snorkeling will produce pages of excursions offered by local tour operators. But, if you want to hang out at a beach and snorkel on your own, there isn’t a lot of information available. Many tourists (and locals) don’t realize that beautiful beaches with clear and calm turquoise waters - perfect for snorkeling – can be found very close to the city. We have spent several [...]

Buen Provecho – Top Ten La Paz Restaurants

Buen Provecho - Top Ten La Paz Restaurants “Don't judge your taco by its price.” - Hunter S. Thompson La Paz Restaurants Mexico is well-known for its exciting and delicious food, and some of the most diverse culinary creations can be found on the Baja Peninsula. Not only can you find all of the traditional Mexican dishes in La Paz restaurants, but the area also benefits from the bounty of the sea. However, despite strict regulations limiting what and how much can be extracted from the marine environment, this bounty is [...]

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Agua De Jamaica

Agua De Jamaica In a small taqueria in San Jose del Cabo we first discovered what soon became our favorite beverage in Mexico. Agua de Jamaica (pronounced hah-MY-kah) is an infusion of hibiscus flowers. This beautiful deep crimson tea can be consumed both hot and cold. Our preference is to pour it over ice with a bit of sugar and lime juice. On its own jamaica is quite tart, with an almost cranberry-like flavor. With the addition of sugar or agave syrup, it’s a delicious, refreshing cocktail on a hot tropical afternoon. You can find the dried hibiscus flowers at [...]

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