Flag of Tibet



Tibet, Asia

Capital: Lhasa
Area: 1,221,697 km²
Currency: Chinese Renminbi (RMB – ¥)
Voltage/Outlet: 220/A, C, I
Drive on: Right

Population: 3,180,000
Per Capita Income (USD): $10,119
Main language: Tibetan
Hello: Tashi Delek
Thank you: Tujay-Chay

Among the towering peaks of the Himalayas at the roof of the world, the horizon is lost in Shangri-La. With growing outside influence and access, Tibet clings tenuously to its culture and heritage. Still, debating monks continue to chant in the monasteries, while pilgrims prostrate outside, and juniper smoke swirls and prayer flags snap in the wind across this vast Asian plateau.

Nomads, Gompas and Koras – Buddhist Festivals on the Tibetan Plateau

Pilgrims, Priests and Prayer Flags - Buddhist Monasteries on the Tibetan Plateau “I am confident I will set foot again in Tibet in my lifetime.” - 14th Dalai Lama Despite the altitude, it is stiflingly hot and we have to get out of the city. One week in Lhasa is enough time to see its highlights and the outlying temples accessible as day trips. Most tour operators offer excursions of varying lengths to sites farther afield. So, we hire a 4X4 and driver for a few days to visit several monasteries and [...]

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