Flag of Syria



Syria, Asia

Capital: Damascus
Area: 185,180 km2
Currency: Pound (SYP – £S)
Voltage/Outlet: 220/ C, E, L
Drive on: Right

Population: 17,064,854 *
Per Capita Income (USD): $5,090 *
Main language: Arabic
Hello: Marhabaan
Thank you: Shukraan
* pre-conflict

The oldest continuously inhabited country in the world stretches from the Mediterranean Sea through fabled cities to the Hamad Desert. Home to ancient empires and a crossroads of cultures and civilizations, Syria continues its long and tumultuous history. When the dust finally settles, it won’t be long before visitors are again welcomed with smiling faces and open arms.

The Road To Damascus – Palmyra To Bosra

The Road To Damascus Part Two - Travel In Southern Syria Before The War “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” - St. Augustine If the world were a book, it would be a history book. And travel, to a large extent, is a trip through the past – an experience we hope will help us understand the present, and imagine the future. So, in our continued effort to visit as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites (ie. history) as practical, we head to the [...]

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The Road To Damascus – Aleppo To Hama

The Road To Damascus Part One - Travel In Northern Syria Before The War “The natives showed us extraordinary kindness.” - Acts 28:2 The second intifada forces us to reconsider our plans. Access to the West Bank is restricted and most sites closed, so we promise to visit the land another time. Overland options along the eastern Mediterranean are limited, and we decide to take ferries from Turkey to Egypt via Greece. We ring in the New Year waiting for the boat to take us from Marmaris to Rhodes. Meanwhile, outside [...]

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