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Flag of Egypt



Egypt, Africa
Capital: Cairo
Area: 1,010,407.87 km2
Currency: Pound (EGP – E£ or ج.م)
Voltage/Outlet: 220/C, F
Drive on: Right
Population: 93,884,000
Per capita income (USD): $11,110
Official Language: Arabic
Hello: Marhabaan
Thank you: Shukraan

Egypt holds a treasure of cultural and historical marvels. Dive the coral-crusted depths of the Red Sea, cruise the lush and fertile banks of the Nile, and consider the cosmic mysteries of the Pyramids. Whether you’re discovering desert oases, exploring pharaoh tombs, or losing yourself in timeless souqs. Wedged between the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, it is a must-see country on any traveler’s list.

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